Taxi Cab in Alexandria, VA

Also Serving Lorton and the Surrounding Areas


Our taxicab will transport you from either the City of Alexandria or Fairfax County to and from any location in the Washington Metropolitan area.

We offer services to

Reagan National Airport

Dulles International Airport

Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI)

Upon request our taxicabs will return to bring you back into Virginia.




Full Service Taxi Cab Company
24 Hours Service
7 Days a Week
Local and Long Distance Services
Airport Service
Corporate/Business Charge Account
Accepts all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Coupons: Seniors on the Go, Dial a Ride and Taxi Access
Courteous, Dependable & Timely Service for all your needs Day/Night




Rates are set by the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County Governments for their respective jurisdiction. Fares are calculated by meter which isinspected annually by the local Government authorities.




All drivers undergo Alexandria Police or Fairfax County Police background checks

Must all pass Hackers examination, testing knowledge of all rules that govern taxi operations, knowledge of the area plus must attend sensitivity training anddemonstrate clear knowledge of the State of Virginia DMV Motor Vehicle Laws?




Vehicles insured to compile with:
Virginia State Corporation Commercial Insurance requirement
City of Alexandria Commercial Taxicab Insurance
Fairfax CountyCommercial Taxicab Insurance requirements




Wheelchair Accessible Vans
Full Size Cars
Mini Vans