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  1. Karl Gustavson says:

    Hi, I may have left a blackberry bold 9900 phone in one of your cabs I took from DCA to Oakcrest Rd in Arlington on Feb 10 at about 6:40 PM. The phone is in a black leather case with a clip. The face of the phone is cracked. Please get back to me if you find it. Thank you.

  2. Helen Kimmel says:

    Yesterday when I left the office to go home I slipped on ice and fell in the crosswalk leaving Terminal A. I fell right in front of the cab and had difficulty getting up; for a few seconds I could not alert anyone that I needed help. I lost my breath in the fall and the whole event happened very quickly.

    The cab driver with White Top Cab Company provided me assistance; the vehicle number was #35 and it happened about 3:50 pm to 4:00 pm. His name is Saeed.

    I have so much praise for this man; he was very kind. I’m so thankful that he saw me fall and didn’t move his cab.

    I am very thankful!


    Helen Kimmel
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    Washington DC 20001
    T 703 417 8023 | F 703 417 8260

  3. Matt Henley says:

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  4. Dana G. says:

    I’m looking to get a taxi to take me and my family to the airport this week. We live in Kingstowne, VA (22315 zip code). I wanted to know how much the fare should cost for a family of 4. We need to leave the house around 6 am. Also, we have 2 small children (2 and 5). Do we have to hook up their car seats or do they ride on our laps?

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